Author: Stephanie Voelck

Many, Million, Mini – Three Stars for Minions

The Minions (2015) produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures receives three stars.  One for each other main minions, [...]

Playground Is On Lockdown with LIFELOCK

Once Upon Yet Another Time LIFELOCK Receives 5 STARS For It's Job-Well-Done Protecting Real People In The Digital Age. This review AND this review [...]

POF! Can You Count to Five? Then Plenty of Fish Can Help You

 1 Red Fish, 2 Blue Fish, 3 Old Fish 4 Stars For Plenty of Fish POF, Plenty of Fish, does well in the sea of internet dating.  Their strategy seems to [...]

Zillow Pillow – Real Estate Review of Popular Real Estate Showcase

Zillow Review: Zestimate, Shestimate, Should you estimate?   Like a Zillow review, sometimes estimates are handy dandy and look so pretty with a [...]

TINDER Review: Fish Finder, Mammal Creator

Tinder Review: Got This Fish Finder App? Tinder gets four stars.  It does.  It does exactly what a social network should do, love it or hate it, swipe [...]

More College Options: Higher Education Is In Reach

College vs. Collage College is when the hours of your life and pocketbook fall neatly into place after 8 organized semesters, plus an unpaid internship.  [...]

Genii-Like-Pell Grant Helps You Get Your Wishes

You can go back to school and get a higher paying job with the help of Pell Grant. Pretend the Yellow Pac-like-Man is You.  Pretend You Have Three Wishes [...]

What Is Your Property Value?

It Is Valuable to Know Your Property Value TRY UPDATED PROPERTY VALUE because Updated Property Value Is Not AFFECTED By the Weather. The weather is not [...]

What is a Cloud Based Freebie?

RAIN, of course, is a cloud based freebie.  Well..... how about free coupons from Cloud Based Freebies instead? Cloud Based Freebies Want to Give Away [...]