Zillow Pillow – Real Estate Review of Popular Real Estate Showcase

4 stars

Zillow Review: Zestimate, Shestimate, Should you estimate?


Like a Zillow review, sometimes estimates are handy dandy and look so pretty with a ribbon, bells and whistles.  Other times you want to know the cost of what you are buying and that is it in fact for sale.    Zillow is the internet realtor whose actual job is to sell advertising real estate in the side yard and maybe the far back by the fence and of course a banner up front.


  • Ability for homeowners to post their home just to see if it gets any bites, for estimates but not for sale.
  • Zestimates.  If it were accurate certainty it would be called ‘price’.  Housing Price.
  • Zillow will edit the reviews.  When Zillow merged reviews with another site Trulia, Zillow deleted them all without contacting the agents because it was possible that some reviews were written by agents.  True-lia, knock on  door! Or the door of Paul MacNamara.
  • Zillow makes it’s money from advertising space on it’s website.  Website real estate.
  • Unzillowables!  The little ghost in the neighborhood.  Or, no, just cutesy name play (n:) some homes Zillow’s algorithms cannot predict.  Some companies have pinned this as their largest competitor’s Achilles’ heel: Updated Property Value hinges on accurate, updated prices.
  • When a listing is off the market there could be a longer gap that necessary between sold and off Zillow’s market.Zillow review


  • Zillow has a lot of content; many houses from everywhere.
  • Zestimates. Neat.
  • Ariel View.  This is an entertaining aspect of the site. It’s a zird, it’s a plane, it’s a house!
  • Zillow Mortgage Market Place.  A user friendly way to browse for loan quotes without revealing personal information.  Equitable!
  • It’s Free!

Zillow is the pillow of real estate sites.  It’s comfy, the real consumers sit with bells and whistles on the off sides cheering on the home browser who is window shopping through computer glass.  If the prospective home owner has a lot of pillow in their pocket books then an accurate zestimate is no big deal.

For anyone, Zillow is fun to say.  Back to the deja vu moment at the search bar…”Uhh… What am I doing again? Oh yes, live somewhere.  Zillow.  Low. low. low.”  It’s catchy.  Free, catchy, looks nice –trust earned, until accuracy matters a lot.  Then the bottom line is the bottom line, billow.  Zillow Reviewed, now: Shop for a place to place your pillow. 

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