More College Options: Higher Education Is In Reach

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College vs. Collage

College is when the hours of your life and pocketbook fall neatly into place after 8 organized semesters, plus an unpaid internship.  Collage is when you tried that for a time, you went part-time to school working two part-time jobs and you live and sleep at odd hours.  The collage gets really great when you add kids to the paste.  College, Collage, same thing.  Just kidding, collage is a bunch of bits put together to get one cohesive whole.  College is that place and those experience your put together piece together who you are.

Tweezing the best college option out of the plethora of choices in the collage for higher education institutions can be daunting.

Is college even an option for you?  This page can help direct your thoughts.  Affording it might be the pragmatic question to ask.  This page can help you afford it. 

There are lines of help out there waiting for you to give them a tug, and they can give you a call.  There’s no shame in letting a professional help you find the right school. After all, you are looking to be some sort of professional yourself perhaps.

This website is an amazing resource in those nail biting weeks of decision weighing: More College Options.   Life is a journey, is a road of some sort: brick, paved, dirt, straight, hilly, winding.  Likewise for college options: BA, BS, BAcc, BFA, MA, MFA, MD, DO, etc…the list goes on…

Totally lost?  Knowing who you are is a big part of determining which program best utilizes your strengths.  For a fun personality test try this:

Perhaps you know your end game.  “I want to be a Doctor of Medicine.”  Or “I want to be a Medical Doctor”.  What you may need is a leg-up, some financial aid, to get there.  There’s no shame there, either.

Psst! You have College Options!

college options

You have more college options. Choose your highest education!

Follow this sign post for more information about securing funds, like a Pell Grant for your higher education needs.

Here are 4 more secrets about your college options.

Love, your more secure future.

P.S. With your head in the books, you might have less time for working.  With Freebies you can save your earnings to spend them where you need them.  Plus every student needs incentive.  Using free coupons for treats to reward your hard, home-work?  Not a bad idea.


Have college OPTION-ITIS?  Click here for the resources to help you achieve.   (If you do not have a phone number that’s ok!  Let nothing stand in your way of a dream–that webpage certainly won’t.)

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