TINDER Review: Fish Finder, Mammal Creator

4 stars

Tinder Review: Got This Fish Finder App?

Tinder gets four stars.  It does.  It does exactly what a social network should do, love it or hate it, swipe right swipe left.  Half of the “work” of dating is done for you.  Single and ready to mingle is communicated directly on the  platform.  If that not the case, there’s an social networking responsibility to say so, hence the common tagline “just looking for friends”.  Tinder is for people with clear goals.  It quickly becomes clear if a match’s goals are mutually exclusive.  Like the American two-party system, perhaps we can thank Tinder for dividing the earth into land and sea.


Perhaps fish in the sea will be adopted by urban dictionary adopted to mean the human species of  social network daters and traditional daters can be mammals.  Tinder makes the water a whole lot clearer.  Cleaner is up for debate.  Unlike a civil war, the sever between “tinder winners” and patient real world daters will only help all parties form civil unions of some sort.   Even the approach of getting on tinder to find the “only other person” who also doesn’t want to be there will make the matching game easier than Serendipity (2001).

Imagine Kate Beckinsale just freebie texting on Tinder to John Cusack.  Forget that note slipped in that book she can’t find.  The separation never happened and Tinder shot the plot.  If you fell on the serendipitous side of the great 2K dating divide, you can tell who wants to meet you because you can see their eyes, freed of their phone screen.  Considering Tinder was born in tandem, with entities like xtreme lab, and a bit on impulse (see abbreviated interactive history)it’s not surprising that a type A type B dating breed is born.

There Are Fish From the Tinder Xstream Or

Mammals Who Do What Mammals Do

Of course it’s going to get messy in classification of subspecies.  Even Tinder had it’s own break up, and now Bumble exists.  Tinder is a hurricane that creates more options but counter-intuitively makes your options more highly specified therefore easier to find — especially when your goal is clear.   There’s someone for everyone and then some even if you just bumble around.

tinder review

Tinder Review + Color Theory Review

Tinder Review:  Color Theory and Branding

Tinder is smart like this:  Look at the qualities of the red family.  Some people hate Tinder: annoyance, anger and rage.  Look at the orange family.  Some people use Tinder:  interest, anticipation and vigilance (swipe, swipe, swipe).  Some people do not know about Tinder’s revolutionary, divisionary ways: they are in that white void to the right where it says aggressiveness.  Maybe aloneness without proactivity or reactivity is general aggressiveness over the dating game.

Choose your team, the red-orange fire-T with fish from the sea to see from the social network?  Or the grass is greener and you can wait with terror, fear and apprehension to make eye contact with a mammal in some establishment or established social circles.

It’s the age of pluralism and neither choice is wrong.  Actually there’ s a lot of choices in the sea of networking.  Click here to see another review of UNSPOKEN FOR, another app for the fish folks. Tinder only helps the odds any way.  Click here to learn more about Tinder if you’re interested!

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