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Tick tock, tick tock. As you read this, in the seconds that are passing by, you could potentially be losing the most important thing that you own…your identity! Who you identify as and introduce yourself as could be gone in an instant! Luckily there is a solution to this problem: ULTIMATE IDENTITY PROTECTION, the best form of ID theft protection.

The Myth of ID Theft Protectionfingerprint-ID theft protection

“ID theft protection is a scam!” Most people don’t believe in the idea of identity theft, but that’s because it hasn’t happened to them… yet. Despite what you might think about getting your identity stolen, it happens more often then you think. Financial losses due to identity theft add up to $50 Billion every year. Get it? Not yet? Well, every year 99 Million Americans have their personal information at risk of being stolen. Still don’t believe me? Every. Single. Year. 15 Million people actually suffer from getting their identity stolen. If those numbers don’t freak you out, I’m not sure what will. That’s like taking everyone from Michigan and Minnesota, and erasing them from existence. Two states from the U.S. — gone. Good thing for you, though, because ULTIMATE IDENTITY PROTECTION is the easiest solution to keeping everything that is yours, yours. Sounds nice, right?

Is it really “ULTIMATE?”

Well, yeah! It’s in the name! You may be asking, “What makes this identity protection service any better than the next one?” Good question. ULTIMATE IDENTITY PROTECTION offers an insane amount of services and benefits after signing up! By signing up you’ll receive ULTIMATE protection, alerts, restoration services, and to top it all off, a $25K insurance promise that if anything does happen to your identity, UIP will do everything in their power to restore your identity. Document replacement? Sure. Restore financial losses? BOOM. Done AND done. They make you their #1 priority.

This is probably super expensive, right? Wrong. You can sign up today for just $1, and start your 30 day ID theft protection trial now! You know what else you can get for just one dollar? 4 gumballs. An Arizona Iced Tea. You could even take your kid to ride the horse at Meijer 100 times! After signing up for this amazing service, it’s just a low cost of $9.99 per month. To put it into perspective, a standard Netflix package is $9.99 per month. If you can afford entertainment at that cost, you can keep your identity safe for the same price.

To sign up and save your identity, click here.

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