National Jobs Online: Not Another Monster?

5 stars

Nothing against, but National Jobs Online takes the idea of job hunting to a whole new level. Here’s what we noticed about the site seeming to change the landscape of employment searches and making it more about opportunity than several ‘shots in the dark’ to hope for the best:

The Reason Why National Jobs Online Hits the 5-Star Mark Is Two-Fold

One: it’s an aggregate, meaning it’s pooling as many job opportunities as possible through affiliates, such as Monster and Indeed, maximizing the reach and scope for any potential candidate. Two: the targeting system’s much more accurate than you’d expect from a job site! (We’ll explain that one here in a little bit.

For starters, the entire employment market shouldn’t be this much more competitive. It’s already heatednational jobs online screenshot as it is, with multiple candidates always vying for the next position. Job sites don’t need to compete! This typically is the case given the fact that you’ll often find some opportunities over in this site, so to speak, but not in other sites, and vice versa.

It’s not the fault of the job site, though. Truthfully, it’s no one’s fault. An employer signs up for, say, Monster, and uploads a new position opening up. Does anyone think that same employer would have the time investment to put in for uploading that same position for other sites? Probably not. This means the entire job site demographic becomes so disjointed that oftentimes candidates get to miss out on some real opportunities.

Not all job sites carry the same openings. That’s where National Jobs Online revolutionizes the model and aggregates jobs from all those popular sites into one platform. The focus, the goal, is the candidate. That alone is worth the five stars!

Secondly, ever get those annoying emails or calls from an employer viewing your resume on, say, Careerbuilder, but your work experience has literally nothing to do with the position in question? Seems like a waste of time. Now don’t get us wrong: uploading your resume’s essential — but if the job site can’t regulate employers and how they approach prospective candidates,  not only are candidates missing out on the good jobs, but employers are missing out on the good candidates as well.

National Jobs Online targets you, the candidate, according to the work experience you specify. Chances are you won’t be getting inquiries about a job in customer service if your field is in marketing.

Because When You Boil It All Down, This Should Be About Collaboration

The job market’s difficult. We get that. But that doesn’t mean we have to freak out and make it a free-for-all, candidates and employers alike. We can still focus the job search to be about finding the right job, not a bunch of jobs to choose from.

National Jobs Online is about the former, not the latter. They’re about focusing resources, not wasting them. Want to register for the site? Do it right now and find that right job immediately.

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