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The True BATMAN V SUPERMAN Review You Should Read

Hopefully we won't get a major lynching not unlike the kind Supes would get for not blowing up to smithereens after Lex Luthor plants a bomb in a legless [...] Makes It Easy to Buy a Home

You know you're doing well -- and consequently the industry's doing well also -- if buying a home isn't that dissimilar from popping a few coins in a [...]

National Jobs Online: Not Another Monster?

national jobs online screenshot
Nothing against, but National Jobs Online takes the idea of job hunting to a whole new level. Here's what we noticed about the site seeming to [...]

Why Assisting Renters Brings the Best in the Industry

Assisting Renters image
We're willing to bet that the majority of Americans got their start at the very basics: home renting. First you got that studio apartment; then you [...]

What’s This 2-Hour Tax Return Service? Convenience.

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If you've seen ITPN (Income Tax Planning Network) and all the services they provide (just check out their Google+ page, for starters), you'd know that tax [...]

The HOPE Program Brings Hope to Real Estate (and Much More)

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Part of the idea of a real estate program designed to benefit the prospective homeowner is that this has to be a group of professionals dedicated to [...]