John Green’s TFIOS: Not Your Typical Love Story

5 stars

We’re all familiar with the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet. Star crossed lovers. Young. Troubled.¬†Desperate to end up with each other. Well, this book is not exactly like that. Although¬†The Fault In Our Stars is considered “a love story,” its nothing like what you think it is. John Green tears your heart apart in the greatest way possible. Green hits on the touchy topic of teen romance, and dealing with cancer, in a way that makes you sympathize with them, and takes you on a journey of this rocky relationship between Hazel Grace Lancaster, and Augustus Waters.

Love Is A Sicknessmoon and stars

If you’ve ever had a “high school sweetheart” then you could somewhat relate to this story. Once you meet a person that you really enjoy spending all of your time with, they’re the only thing that you can think about, and quite frankly they’re all you want to think about. You become infatuated with how they speak, what they do, and even how they look at you. You’re young, and you think that what you have is forever.

The development of the characters that John Green developed for this story are unlike any that I have seen or read before. Hazel Grace Lancaster is quite the opposite of what you would expect your main character of the story to be. As a character with thyroid cancer, she isn’t necessarily trying to be the most positive person about what’s happening to her, and that’s simply because she know she cant really do anything to fix herself. All she can do is live her life the way that it is, day by day. Augustus Waters, on the other hand, is a chipper young individual, who goes out of his way to show Hazel how great and important she is. Even though, yes she is different and affected by her cancer, she is one of the most beautiful girls that he has ever seen. Sure, I say love is a sickness as a play on words, but it really is. This story follows Hazel and Augustus, through their health and time together, in love, and in sickness, physically and emotionally.

Kudos To John Green

Hats off to you, sir. A round of applause if you will. John Green has taken such a touchy subject to many people, of health, and being diagnosed with cancer, and found a way to have a story come to life in a way that we can not only learn to love the character and what they go through, but take a trip with these characters, and almost live our lives like them, in a short amount of time. The way that John Green writes The Fault In Our Stars touches your heart and makes you feel things you didn’t think you could feel, unless they were actually happening to you. Green somehow brought laughter, love, and loss, all into one book, and seamlessly tied them together to create the love story of our generation. Most love stories don’t end in pain and death, *spoiler alert*, but this love story, is not like most.

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