Just The Site You’re Looking For

What's the one thing you always do before purchasing something? Okay, maybe it's not something that you always do, but it's something that you should do. Read a review. Anytime before buying a largely known product or a service, you should always read a review on it, just to make sure it's all that it's cracked up to be. Figure out what's good and [...]

Read more Makes It Easy to Buy a Home

You know you're doing well -- and consequently the industry's doing well also -- if buying a home isn't that dissimilar from popping a few coins in a vending machine. The [...]

National Jobs Online: Not Another Monster?

national jobs online screenshot
Nothing against, but National Jobs Online takes the idea of job hunting to a whole new level. Here's what we noticed about the site seeming to change the [...]

Why Assisting Renters Brings the Best in the Industry

Assisting Renters image
We're willing to bet that the majority of Americans got their start at the very basics: home renting. First you got that studio apartment; then you upgraded to a [...]

What’s This 2-Hour Tax Return Service? Convenience.

2hourtaxreturn screenshot
If you've seen ITPN (Income Tax Planning Network) and all the services they provide (just check out their Google+ page, for starters), you'd know that tax time is trial [...]

The HOPE Program Brings Hope to Real Estate (and Much More)

HOPE Program screenshot
Part of the idea of a real estate program designed to benefit the prospective homeowner is that this has to be a group of professionals dedicated to providing the [...]