What’s This 2-Hour Tax Return Service? Convenience.

5 stars

If you’ve seen ITPN (Income Tax Planning Network) and all the services they provide (just check out their Google+ page, for starters), you’d know that tax time is trial and tribulation. People scramble to get their W2s, deductions, receipts and everything else under the sun in order in time for the big tax return — and sadly enough, many people miss out on some key deductions and tax shelters, having to spend as much as $180 or more out of their refund.2hourtaxreturn screenshot

Even as businesses get their bookkeeping done through CBB, taxes can be a headache — keeping track of other tax deductions (real estate agents, we’re looking at you!) and other such headaches. Let’s not get started on divorcing couples trying to wade through the troubled waters of tax time….

Enter: 2-Hour Tax Return, the Service Making It That Much Easier

You’re already dealing with pains and agony, waiting in line at the local H&R Block and hoping to get the return you deserve. The bonus of the 2-hour tax return many of the experts at ITPN will talk about is that all of it is doneĀ completely online, and even better — it’s safe and accurate. No audits, no kickbacks, no careless mistakes.

And the name is exactly what it does. You get that tax return processed in two hours or less. Guaranteed. And we’re betting you’re wondering just how much you’d have to pay out of your return for this remarkable service — not $180, that’s for sure. Not even $150.

2-Hour Tax Return Actually Charges an Easy $99!

Not upfront, of course. But out of your return. Bonus. You don’t need to leave the house. No waiting in line. No filling out long, arduous, and agonizing forms. No scary issues with the DIY stuff like TurboTax either. Just quick. Clean. No strings attached.

Is it any wonder that this service gets an easy five stars? Sign up for your 2-hour tax return right here.

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